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Solve Your Storage & Shipping Needs – Fast Lock is best utilized when a company looks beyond the adaptability and recognizes Fast Lock as an effective tool for their business needs.

Listed below are just three examples of how the Fast Lock Solution is the better way for your business.

Adaptable Shipping/Storage – The most obvious use of Fast Lock, which utilizes the “Adaptability’ of the product to ship and store items of differing sizes effectively and quickly. This advantage will improve your company’s bottom line by offering a more efficient “shipping footprint”.

Healthcare/Food Service/Hospitality Storage – The Fast Lock System provides an easy solution to organize supplies and can be used seamlessly across mulitple departments. Each Fast Lock unit is 6″ high and provides a method that can reduce the risk of infection by storing supplies and materials off the ground at the required height.

Grocery/Display – Fast Lock’s advantages offers many opportunites for grocery and display customers. The adaptability and easy storage enables better use of small spaces and the interlocking design allows the assembled units to be removed as product sells off the display.

Fast Lock helps facilities maintain safe and functional working environments. If your company is interested in exploring how Fast Lock can benefit them, please contact a Fast Lock Representative.

“We made the change to Fast Lock and found the system easy to use and a great price. We liked it so much that we ordered more and now use this storage system throughout our entire hospital.” Daryl Gardner, Oasis Hospital, Phoenix AZ


Single Unit

Stacking Unit Vertical

Stacking Unit