Custom Sizes. On The Spot. In Seconds.


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If you need to store items or materials in a storage or warehouse location, Fast Lock’s adaptability lets you build the size pallet you need in seconds. Also, the nesting feature allows the units to be stacked neatly on the shelf between jobs.

From general contractors to small box truck drivers, businesses often need the ability to build a pallet on the spot. Fast Lock provides the answer by being easily stored in less space and easier to transport than a standard pallet.

Managing cargo space in business vehicles is often a challenge. Instead of complicating the issue and making a business owner prioritize what they are going to carry, the adaptability and easy storage of Fast Lock makes it an easy answer to a common problem.

One of the many advantages of Fast Lock is its ability to fit your current situation. In small businesses, such as greenhouses, shops or warehouses, Fast Lock can simplify the movement of materials within your facility. Imagine building a pallet in seconds to the exact size you need, moving the material to wherever you need it and then disassembling the pallet to save space after you are done.

Has your garage turned into a storage unit instead of a place to park your car? Fast Lock, with its many advantages, can help you organize the situation.

Fast Lock can offer solutions to all of these problems.


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Stacking Unit Vertical

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