Custom Sizes. On The Spot. In Seconds.
Fast Lock is a patent pending Adaptable Interlocking Pallet and Storage System that uses identical units that lock together to form a storage solution of varying lengths…on the spot, in seconds. This is why many consider Fast Lock to be the Adaptable organizing, shipping, moving and storing Solution!  
 Check out some of the innovative features that make the Fast Lock the perfect solution.

Fast Lock adapts to your current situation or load.
Strong & Durable
Fast Lock's patented interlocking technology holds
strong in any situation. 
(Rated for 2,500 lbs. 4 Units Assembled 40"x48")

Made of 100% HDPE Recycled Plastic

Each unit weighs only 5.8 lbs.

Safe and Easy Storage
Fast Lock units store easily before and after
the job.
Fast Lock offers many advantages such as: Adaptability, Efficiency, Organization and Improved Safety and Ergonomics. With its specially designed features, Fast Lock offers the ability to create custom sizes on the spot quickly and easily.
The patent pending technology of Fast Lock's interlocking system includes a simple locking feature that makes it easy to assemble units for any size or job. The locking feature also can be used to disassemble the units after the job is done.
The Fast Lock Advantage
Instead of predetermined sizes, Fast Lock can be built to any 12 inch increment to organize, ship, move or store items of differing sizes quickly and efficiently.
Every Fast Lock unit has consistent 40” x 12” x 6” dimensions. Fast Lock meets the highest standards for cleanliness and safety.
Food & Freezer Safe
Fast Lock withstands temperatures down to -36 degrees F and meets FDA standards for non-direct food contact.
Durable & Strong
Fast Lock is built with HDPE (high density polyethylene), ensuring long life. 2,500-pound load capacity, and maintain standard dimensions throughout their lifetime.
A unique identification number allows each pallet to be associated with user internal LPN (license plate number). *Available upon request
Fast Lock is100% recyclable and are never disposed of in landfills.
Ease of Use
Fast Lock's simple locking system allows for quick and trouble-free assembly.
Fast Lock does not absorb liquids and are impervious to infestation, meeting or exceeding all GMA standards.

Single Unit
Stacking Unit Vertical
Units Interlocking